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🚨 Attention Realtors 🚨
Last week I was able to save TWO deals that were denied by other lenders. Both are now approved in underwriting and will be closing this month (one this week).

If you currently have any deals that haven’t met Commitment dates or have been denied by another lender I’d love to jump in and help you and your buyers out! There are 2 weeks left of this month and I can still get your deals closed by month end!

Call me directly at (401) 477-9541
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It’s that time of the year!!! Concerts, crafts, animals, truck pulls, rides and so much more!!! #51years #WashingtonCountyFair #RhodeIslandBuzz

The Washington County Fair
It’s almost here! The 51st Washington County Fair! kicks off this Wednesday August 16th, and we’re looking forward to another amazing week of fun here in Rhode Island! If you’re looking for the music lineup, ticketing info, or daily schedules, you can find it all on our website:
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***Raimondo’s free Tuition is a scam***

After having time to read through the bill and research the data I’ll throw a scenario at you based on that data.

According to the public college data only 50% of freshman graduate from their college in a 4 yr program. Of those students 33% need an additional year to finish. Of the students that finish 35% have or have had less than a 2.5 GPA at some point. So here’s the math.

If 1000 students receive these scholarships only 500 will graduate. Of those 500 students only 335 will graduate on time. Of those 335 graduating students only 217 will have maintained a GPA of 2.5 of higher…….so what happens to the other 783 students scholarships?

Yes some kids will get a free education…….but it will be paid for by the students that drop out!

Almost 80% of the students that receive these funds will NOT go to school for free. They will be left with a debt… the state. Most students that go to school and receive financial assistance walk away with a debt……to the FED. The only thing this program does is take those loans away from the FED and brings them down to a state level.

Data varies by source but the numbers are consistent. In a perfect world this program would pay for itself and send children to school for free……look out your window……this isn’t a perfect world. We need practical bills that address practical issues with easily applicable terms.
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