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Rhode Island, Rhode Island Surf Forecast and Surf Report
Detailed Surf Forecast and Surf Report for Rhode Island, Rhode Island including top quality forecast resources.
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Zip line earning ‘high’ praise at Roger Williams Park Zoo
A new attraction is earning high praise at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence.A 760-foot long zip line has been installed at the south end of the zoo and will be open for public rides starting Friday, Sept. 1st.We are a zoo that always likes to add
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#BrawlforitAll September 30th 2017 🔥🔥

BRAWL FOR IT ALL™ is a USA BOXING SANCTIONED high-energy concept with mass appeal that takes street grudges and disputes off the street, and puts them in the ring. Where we will see two former enemies shake hands in culmination.

Currently being featured in northeastern U.S. markets – Massachusetts and Rhode Island – BRAWL FOR IT ALL™ is already attracting press coverage, fanfare, and a loyal fan base of boxing fans, fighting enthusiasts, and local community members.

Bobby V.I.Gladiator Vigeant
John “Godzilla” Gallant

September 30th Brick House RI Woonsocket RI
Doors Open @5:00 pm tickets Go On Sale This Week!!
These two have a old street beef and it’s going to get solved September 30th with
Bobby Vigeant vs John Gallant

My partner Richard Cappiello and myself along with last (BRAWL FOR IT ALL) Contestants Dino Guilmette Louie Sav Steve Cruel Stephen Domenico
And we welcome Peter Manfredo to the family!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE NEW ENGLAND!!!
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